Friday, February 12, 2010

Tigger was a Texter, but I'm just not a Tweeter

I am not a good blogger. The true bloggers of the world are out there, day in and day out, posting at least every 24 hours. They even tweet and link their tweets to their blogs so all of cyberspace (or at least all of cyberspace that cares) can see what antics and shenanigans make up their daily lives.

I could say that I don’t post daily because I don’t have time. But if you just glance at the blog roll over at “I Love Multiples” you will see a whole host of bloggers with triplets that post daily. Yes, I’m a slacker.

So why am I here? What is this blog for? Is it, as originally intended, to update far flung friends and family on the harrowing adventures of raising four children? Is it a way for me to prove to myself that I can still string together a couple of coherent thoughts on less sleep then I ever imagined? Is it my version of a baby book? (Since God knows those three beautiful books we bought for the triplets aren’t going to see any ink, well, ever.)

My guess is that it is somewhere in between. So, until I figure it out, enjoy these pictures.

(And did you know Tigger was a texter? TTFN! Ta Ta for Now!)

This is an old one (September 2009) but we worked so hard for it I just had to put it in!
Go Huskers!  Go Jayhawks!  Go Hawkeyes!

So cute, Paige!

So cute, Joshua!  Go fix that sink!

So cute, William!

So cute, Matthew!  Now where are you going to go?

We're coming for you, Mom!

Matthew:  I think they are going to put us in there together!
William:  No WAY!!!

Matthew:  Told ya.

I'm doing quite well, thank you.  How are you?

A freind told me there aren't enough (any) pics of the parents on the blog. 
Here's one to prove we're still least today. :-)