Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coming up on 2

Hi everyone! That is, if anyone still checks this woefully maintained blog. I've been told that some of you do, so this post is for you. :)

In case you aren't keeping track, the triplets are about to turn 2 (and Joshua will be 5 soon thereafter, but that can't be possible.....). We have been very remiss about sharing pictures and haven't done a good job of trying to post out here. In honor of the upcoming birthday celebrations, I thought I'd post a few recent pictures. These were taken at their day care, and really turned out pretty well. Here we go....

The Fabulous Four

The Three Amigos




You may note that Paige had no interest in smiling when she was surrounded by her brothers, but was happy to smile when she was by herself. :)  

Anyway, we'll try to post some pictures of the birthday kids after the big day.  And I have a post to write (that has been waiting a long time to see the light of day) about where we've landed with Joshua's mix of real music.... So, hopefully there will be more here soon.  Until then.....