Sunday, April 5, 2009

We're getting there!

First let me say, I’m OK! My last blog post generated many a call and e-mail making sure that I wasn’t about ready to jump off the edge. I promise each of you that I really am fine!

Am I tired of being pregnant? Yes.

Is carrying triplets probably the hardest thing I’ve ever physically done? Yes.

Am I emotionally drained a lot of the time? Yes.

But will I make it through this & be OK? Absolutely! I have a great husband, an adorable child, a loving puppy & countless family and friends (both near and far) that are supporting all of us. So don’t worry everyone – we’re good!

In other news, we saw the perinatologist on Monday March 30th & once again, everyone is doing well. The babies were very active & looked great. In fact, the ultrasound tech told us a couple of times that we are growing 3 “beautiful babies.” :-) It was just a relational look so there are no updates on weight etc., but here are a few pics:

As for me, my blood pressure remains low & my weight continues to climb. Although they keep telling me that the weight should slow down now that we truly are approaching the end. We also had the test for gestational diabetes. And I am happy to report that I do not have to give up my nightly bowl of ice cream.

We go back on April 13 for detailed growth scans and will then go every week thereafter for Bio-Physical Profiles. More on the BPP’s later.

One final note, we will hit our first goal of sustainable viability on April 8 (28 weeks)! Only 4 weeks until 32 weeks and only 7 weeks to our overall goal of 35 weeks!!! We’re almost there!


Jenn said...

just get through today! :)

"aunt Jenn"

Anandi said...

Yay for you guys!!!

Heather Worthington said...

Glad things are lookin' good:)! Beautiful babies and Joshua looks like a wonderful little man!

The Gausmans said...

Thanks, guys!!! :)