Sunday, March 1, 2009

22 Weeks and Slowing Down

We had our 22 week appointment last Thursday. For those of you keeping score at home that makes just 13 short weeks until our goal due date. They didn't do full detailed scans of the babies this time, just hearbeats and what they call a relational look. Meaning, do the babies look bigger than last time and do they all appear to be growing at roughly the same rate. I'm happy to say that the babies passed with flying colors.

I am doing well too although the doctor has said that it is time to slow down. So, starting this week I will only be working half days. We haven't figured out how to tell Joshua yet that we won't all be riding together, but I'm sure he'll adapt. It will mean that he'll get to ride in the new van to school so hopefully that will make up for any pereceived shortcomings of the new commuting situation.

In other baby news, Carl & Joshua spent part of Sunday putting together the first crib. I think it looks great & was impressed at their handiwork. :-) One down and two to go. We also purchased a dresser and changing table this weekend. They aren't exactly the same color as the cribs (the cribs are a dark cherry & the dresser/changer are espresso), but as a good friend pointed out once we put the light oak rocker from Joshua's nursery in the room it will be a nice "amalgamation." We'll call it triplet chic!

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