Monday, March 9, 2009

What's in a name?

Hello Blogosphere! We know you’re out there reading this (because you tell us you are!) but we thought we would try and get some interaction going. So to that end, a story:

When Joshua was born we did not know whether he was a boy or a girl. We, obviously, had a boy’s name and a girl’s name picked out. But oh the negotiation that went into those two names! For those of you who know us well it will come as no surprise that coming up with just two names involved many books, many spreadsheets, some whiteboards, and literally weeks of intense negotiations to reach a consensus decision. (As an aside, now you know one of the reasons why we decided to find out the genders this time. Can any of you imagine us coming up with three boys’ names and three girls’ names? Not to mention deciding which name should go with which if the genders were mixed. The permutations are staggering!!)

So, even though we know the genders this time, naming is still challenging. So, this is what we’re going to call the fun interactive portion of the blog! Post your best name ideas for the Gausman triplets in the comments of this entry with the following format:

Who you are:
Your Name ideas:
Why we should choose your names:

We’ve decided to stay away from alliteration (so no Dick, Darren & Doris) and rhyming is out as well (so no Huey, Dewey, & Louie). We like Biblical names (although Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego may be a bit over the top, Chris!). Otherwise, we’re very open.

So let us hear your ideas!!! Should we choose any of your names you’ll be awarded….OK, so you won’t be awarded anything. But you will have AMAZING bragging rights!

Being lawyers, we of course reserve the right to refuse all suggestions, :-) but we’re really looking forward to your thoughts.

Happy Naming!


The Carney's said...

Alright, sounds like fun!

Who you are: Savvy (BBC), fellow mom of triplets and 3 year old son
Your Name ideas: Jacob, Noah and Eva
Why we should choose your names:
Because they are cute and biblical :-)
I know how hard it is to find names for triplets. We went through the same thing and couldn't come up with a 2nd boy's name until 2 weeks prior to delivery LOL. Have fun...

The Gausmans said...

From my co-worker Nell:

I remember we had so much trouble picking out the name for Baby Michael – we also asked family and friends….
For your wonderful triplets; I would like to suggest:
Baby Boy 1: Andrew (Andy)
Baby Boy 2: Benjamin (Ben)
And for your precious princess: Isabelle (Ella)
Why those names? I think it would go great with Joshua, they go well/ sound nice with your last name, they are also sophisticated and modern yet they fit your desire to be Biblical.

The Gausmans said...

From my co-worker Alicia:

Ethan (firm; enduring)
Tyler (honorable)
Mika (who is like god)

Boy - Levi (united; joined), Elijah, and Isaac.
Girl - Evyenia

Martine and Nate said...

From my friend and co-worker, Martine:

I cannot suggest just three names. But here are a couple variations:

First, these follow the J,C,S pattern you mentioned at lunch the other day (initals of you, Carl and Joshua):
1. Girl: Calah (Biblical)
2. Boy: Jacob (Biblical)
3. Boy: Sean or Shane (Okay, not Biblical, but the they both mean God's Grace)

Another round of Biblical:
1. Jonah
2. Zachary
3. Marie (I like several of the variations for Mary, including Mia Marabel, Maria...)

I may have to post again as new ideas come to me....:)

"Me in a Word" said...

I like Michael, Jacob and Emily. Also Nicholas, Matthew and Elizabeth.

gene_kildare said...

how about military:


...the name they get depends on the order they come. forget gender, that's so yesterday

course, my female dog's name is rufus, so what do i know...

and think how much fun that list of names would be to yell out at the grocery store!! like calling in an airstrike!

Jenn said...

Who you are: Shannon's high school best friend Jenn

Your name ideas:

this is harder than I thought. Am going to have to ponder this a while.

Jenn said...

Audrey, Olivia, Abigail, Eleanor, Mika, or Elizabeth (Lizzie)

Braden? Riley, Dylan, Jacob, Ethan, Samuel (Sam), Aidan, Benjamin, Daniel

DrJaz said...

In no particular order, names we were partial to:

Olivia, Madeleine, Sam, Andrew, Michael, and Ava. That's all I can remember off the top of my head.

Names that give me pause (sorry if other readers have children with these names): Riker, anything that rhymes with Aiden (Cayden, Jayden, etc.), Axl (I'm not kidding on these).

Anything you pick will be simultaneously fine and bad in some always seem to find a way to make fun - tkae this from someone who once had the nickname Jazzercise. :(

The Gausmans said...

What fun feedback! Keep it coming! :)

And DrJaz - I would NEVER call you Jazzercise. :)

Malia said...

Me: Malia, college friend of Shannon

I believe our naming process also involved charts and rankings with assigned numerical values, among other techniques:) It is fun and frustrating, so permanent a decision...

Name: I am still ruminating on the boys, but I like Charlotte for a girl.

Why: For me, it is a classic and strong name and sounds like a combination of "Shannon" and "Carl" It could also fit into the J,C,S idea mentioned in a previous comment.

Kathy & Chris said...

I am finding it easier to come up with boy names that are biblical - David - strong name, timeless not trendy, fits all ages. Luke - simple, understated (imaging the strong silent type. Jacob would fit the J.

Anandi said...

OMG, I totally believe you with the spreadsheet. One site I like a lot is - it spits out similar names based on ones you like, so that might be helpful. I *think* the Baby Name Wizard site might also let you search on "Biblical".

I'm a fan of not making the names too matchy or too themed (like Rose, Lily and Iris, for example).

But I don't have any actual suggestions. :D Though there was a guy named Meschach at my high school :)

The Gausmans said...

From my friend & co-worker Vanessa:

1. Mathew, I like it, it's good, it goes well with Joshua, it's biblical, but not exclusively so.
2. Christian, again--see above
3. now, for the girl names: Eden, Catherine, Helen. Because they are pretty, simple and elegant names.

Heather Worthington said...

Who I am: friend of Carl from HS

Names: Noah, Jonah, and Abigail

Why: These are all beautiful, strong, and biblical names. I wasn't going for a rhyme with the boys names. I just happen to really like both of those names:).

Good Luck!

McCurtain said...

From: Amy (Shannon's co-worker)


I'll avoid the urge to recommend Pontius, Tryphena, and Yechezkel...and will instead recommend the following:

1. Boy: Nathanial (meaning "god has given")
2. Boy: Benjamin (meaning "son of the south or right hand")
3. Girl: Leah (meaning "delicate" or "weary") or Hannah (meaning "favored grace")

These all sound good with "Gausman," and they are some of my favorite biblical names....

Sandy McKenzie said...

Who you are: KU Law professor -
you met in my Property class.

Your Name ideas:
Micah (Micah 6:8 is a favorite verse)
David (the Psalms)

Why we should choose your names: because
I am your favorite professor :)

Seefam4 said...

Who I am: Shannon's co-worker and a mom of multiples

My name ideas:
S: Simon, Shane, or Samantha
C: Charles or Catherine
J: Jacob, Jonah, Jolene or Jean (of course!)

I also love Noah and Sean!

Why you should pick my names:
Really, they are just suggestions. I did go with a theme, because everyone will ask you about naming triplets...So I just used initials (S = Shannon, C= Carl, J= Joshua). So you can have SCJ times 2!

Hyrax said...
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Hyrax said...

(I R not smrt, that deleted comment was supposed to be a preview.)

Who I am: Law school classmate, former roomate, former tenant, follower to the West Coast, and guy who never managed to put much weight on TSG.

My name ideas: I'm not sure if this has any possibility of ending well:) I have a dog named after a Monty Python character and I normally bounce about the intertubes while being named after a giant pseudo-rodent or the dark side of a beloved bear. That said, I know momma Shannon has her hands full so I will do my grownup best to help (so no "'Lil Kev," even though it would be AWESOME):

Adam (I know, it's going almost all the way to the top for biblical names but "Adam Gausman" has a nice manly ring to it.)

Peter (Gives you that nice "Pete" option when you're feeling abbreviated.)

Sarah (this one is for the girl, if I didn't make that clear)(not that a boy named Sarah couldn't be a very happy and well-adjusted individual)(sure, it didn't work out so well for Sue, although he did manage to reconcile with his pa after early-life issues)(I'm just sayin'...)

P.S. Yes, I came up with biblical names all by myself. Evil Pooh has his good moments, too:)

Love you, Gausman-people.

Wendy said...

Okay, I am late to this conversation, and am not prepared as I have not studied up on biblical names. I will have to consult my book and get back to you with more suggestions that fit the requirements. But right offhand, I like:

Blake, Dane and Greta

Why? Because I love all three names, but alas, could not use them myself, so I think someone should! Also, I think they all sound good with Gausman! They are unusual but not unheard of, easy to spell and pronounce. More later, and in the meantime, good luck!