Monday, May 25, 2009

Damn it Jim, I'm a lawyer not a engineer!

We’ve been thinking about car seats and how to arrange them in the minivan. Here are the variables to consider:

• 2 parents

• 4 children

• 4 car seats

• 1 convertible car seat

• 2 identical infant bucket seats

• 1 unique infant bucket seat

• 1 mini-van with five latchpoints

• 5 * 4! / 2 = 60 unique ways to place said car seats

• And don’t forget the yellow lab

• And don’t forget the need to hand the older child Cheerios, books, Spiderman action figures, water, etc.

• And don’t forget the need to monitor infants for spit-up, floppy heads, yellow lab licks, etc.

• And don’t forget the gear that goes along with three infants and a three year old

Maybe we should buy a second mini-van, hire a driver for the children and Carl and I can ride in peace in the first mini-van. That’s it!!! I’ll have Carl get right on that. :-)

By the way, a big thank you to CB, our math man on retainer, for the factorial equation above. Because, as you all know, we’re lawyers – not mathematicians. :-)


The Carney's said...

Oh my, can I relate to the car seat arrangements!!! You will be just fine. I cannot believe that the triplets will make their appearance in three days!!! I'll be thinking of you!

Marcy said...

Good luck this week!! I enjoy keeping up with you all via the blog and can't wait to hear those babies' final stats and names. We're thinking about you back her in KS!

The Gausmans said...

Savvy - I'm sure you can appreciate the car seat arrangemnt issue! Our HUGE mini-van went to very small space in a matter of minutes!

Marcy - So nice to hear from you! Thanks for the thoughts & literally only a few more hours until the babies are here. Hopefully we'll be able to leave the house for a trip someday & we'll be able to introduce them to you. :-)

Go Go Girl said...

Good luck! You are in our thoughts and prayers!!!! You go girl!!! Lisa, Wes, and fam

Go Go Girl said...

Best of luck!! You're in my thoughts and prayers!! You go girl!!!!! LIsa, Wes, and fam