Friday, August 20, 2010

And it only took me a week!

Matthew Wade - May 28, 2009

Matthew Wade - May 28, 2010

Paige Naomi - May 28. 2009

Paige Naomi - May 28, 2010

William Braden - May 28, 2009

William Braden (and Dad!) - May 28, 2010

There was cake.

They were cautious...

at first!!!

Am I supposed to be doing this?

Matthew conquers the cake!

Later, there was a family photo shoot...getting harder to get a good picture of everyone!

But, such cuties!

Check out our big boy!

The Flight of the Fish
In 5 Acts

This isn't a fish!  This is a seahorse!

Ahhhh.....the fish!

I must have the fish!

Give me the fish!!!!

The fish is mine!  Don't mess with Matthew!


And thus ends the first year of the triplet....what will year two bring?

Next time....Joshua turns 4!

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